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NASL2 - last evolutions
+ Arrays should work fine now
+ Numerical indexes are not shuffled any more
+ Functions can return arrays
+ foreach operator
+ keys, max_index and make_list functions
+ Two new operators: =~ and !~
(s =~ "RE") is equivalent to ereg(string: s, pattern: "RE", icase: 1)
but the regex is compiled only once.
TBD: implement a different syntax (e.g. Perl like) so that we can
choose options (currently, insensitive case is compulsary)
+ Text functions:
+ match (which matches a shell like pattern)
+ regmatch, matches a regex and returns an array
v[0], v[1], v[2]... are equivalent to $0, $1, $2 in Perl
+ split splits a string into an array of lines (by default)
+ Chomp remove the trailing end of line
+ Hashes
+ Renaud added support for cryptographic hashes

I planned to implement a C-like break, if this is not too dirty, and
I may also add pointers to variables and functions (HD, do you
*really* need this??)

What else should we need?

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