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Nessus 1.1.14 is out!
I'm pleased to announce the availability of Nessus 1.1.14, which
*should* be the last 1.1.x release (meaning I consider it stable so
far). Please test it and report everything you do not like, this is
your last chance before Nessus 1.2.0 is released.

Here's the list of improvements since 1.1.13 :

. changes by Renaud Deraison (deraison at

- SMB fixes (thanks to Michael Scheidell)

- When the safe checks option is enabled, dangerous tests with no

alternate code (ie: plugins of type ACT_DESTRUCTIVE_ATTACK and
ACT_DENIAL) are disabled
- Hosts can be designated by their MAC address of instead of their

IP address (mostly useful for DHCP networks)
- Fixed a bug in the report generation which would replace

newlines (\n) by semi-columns (;)
- Fixed a bug in the export of some types of reports, where

open ports with no data associated would not be saved
- Integrated THC's Hydra as a Nessus plugin
- Added new NT security checks (related to user management)
- Plugins of type ACT_SETTINGS can not be disabled

- Fixed a bug which would make nessusd hang when a scanner

was reporting too many open ports (as when a UDP scan reports all
UDP ports as being open)

. changes by Dion Stempfley (dion at

- The client can now filter on category

. changes by Axel Nennker (

- Fixed some plugins causing error messages in some circumstances

(dns_xfer.nasl, snmp_processes.nasl...)
- Stylish changes to prevent gcc -Wall from whining in some files
<a href="../0202/0005.html#0006qlink1">- XML NG output is now XML compliant

- Bug fixes

. changes by Jenni Scott ( and
Michael Slifcak ( :

- Improved the reporting of the plugins (better consistency, better