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NessusClient 3.0.0 beta1 released for Linux and Windows
Hi there,

We're proud to announce a totally rewritten version of NessusClient.

This new version, which works on Linux and Windows, offers the exact
same user experience as on Mac OS X, thus providing a unified user
experience on every platform. Starting with Nessus 3.2, it will
become the standard graphical interface for Nessus on Windows, thus
replacing the more limited NessusGUI which is in use today.

The key features of this interface are the following :

- Real-time results. No need to wait until the end of a scan to start
analyzing the findings of Nessus

- Document based. Save your policies, scan results and scan targets
into a single file

- New file format. The new '.nessus' file format (which is XML based)
saves into a single file your scan policies, scan targets and scan

- Multiple connections. NessusClient can connect to several scanners
at the same time

- Consistant interface. The same interface exists on Mac OS X,
Windows and Linux

You can download this version from <

Note that this is beta software. You can report bugs at http:// or to me directly.


-- Renaud

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