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Nessus 3.1.4 (beta) available : bug fixes, 64 bits support

Nessus 3.1.4 (beta) is now available for download.

This release contains several fixes detailed below, and adds support
for Debian 4.0 and Red Hat ES 5 running on intel 64 bits CPUs.

*** Note that the whole Nessus 3.1.x cycle is considered as being in
beta !

Main changes in this release :

- 64 bits builds (for Debian 4 and Red Hat ES 5 only at this time)

- Fedora Core 7 build

- Better support for IPv6. In particular, the functions
get_local_mac_addr() / get_gw_mac_addr() work when dealing with an
IPv6 host

- Fixed a bug related to the maximum number of TCP sessions set in
parallel and which would cause nessusd to use more CPU than what is

- Added several fixes in the NASL interpreter. In some cases, a copy-
on-write operation would not be detected properly thus leading to
incorrect modifications of some variables ;

- Fixed nessuscmd which would not be able to use the local nessus
daemon any more

- The 'nessus' command-line utility can now produce the same report
type (.nessus) as the Mac OS X client (which is the XML export we'll
eventually standardize everything on).

- Several other smaller bug fixes as well as further optimisations to
reduce memory usage.

Nessus 3.1.4 can be downloaded right now from

You can send me your feedback directly, or thru


-- Renaud
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