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End of Life : Nessus < 2.2.9, all-2.0.tar.gz
Hello everyone,

As Nessus 2.2.10 is nearing its release, I'd like to take some time
to announce the end of life of older versions :

- Starting on July 15th 2007, all version of Nessus older than Nessus
2.2.9 will not be taken into account when writing new plugins. This
means that a plugin update done on a version older than Nessus 2.2.9
might break the whole scan. Nessus 2.2.9 and newer will still work
and be taken into account every time we write new plugins.

Each new release of Nessus 2.x contains bug fixes and we can not work
around them for ever, so please upgrade.

- Also on July 15th, the file,
which contains the GPL plugins, will be moved to http:// There are still many unmaintained
scanners out there which download this file too often, thus resulting
in a bad quality of service for the rest of the community.

All Nessus 2.x users should now take some time to prepare upgrading
either to Nessus 2.2.9 (or 2.2.10 in a couple of weeks) or to 3.x
before July 15th.

Thank you,

-- Renaud

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