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Nessus 3.1.3 (beta) available

Yesterday, Tenable released Nessus 3.1.3 beta. Here are the main
changes compared to Nessus 3.1.2 :

- Reduced overall memory usage
- Improved Solaris support
- Stability fixes
- Improved IPv6 support
- RHEL 5 support

The whole Nessus 3.1.x series is considered as being in beta. When it
reaches production quality, it will be labelled Nessus 3.2.x.

Nessus 3.1.2 users can/should directly upgrade their installation by
typing 'nessus-update'.

Here are the detailed changes vs 3.1.2 :

- New options in nessusd.conf to enable/disable network congestion
workaround and stopping a scan when the remote host is dead (these
two options are disabled by default as well)
- The NASL function get_local_mac_addrs() did not work on Solaris
- 'link6%iface' did not work on Solaris
- Logging into the remote Nessus host should now be faster
- 'nessuscmd' can now connect to a remote nessus scanner
- Fixed a SIGSEGV when multiple clients connect to nessusd at the
same time
- Fixed an issue where older plugins would not get recompiled for a
few hours when a plugin update occurs right after a fresh install
- nessusd raises a bunch of OS limits when starting up (CPU time,
number of processes, number of open files, max file size)
- Reduced memory usage
- Added support for (AES-128/AES-192/AES-256/3DES)-CBC ciphers
- Fixed tcp_ping() which would not properly ping an IPv6 host
- Fixed IPv6 support when nessusd runs on a system with the KAME ipv6
stack (FreeBSD, Mac OS X)
- Loading a .nlib and a .inc file did not work

Overall, Nessus 3.1.3 should be much more reliable and scale better
than 3.1.2.

For more details about the goals of Nessus 3.2, you can refer to :

Also, Ron recently posted an article explaining how you can write
your own custom WMI queries with Nessus 3.1.x :

Bug reports should be sent to me directly or to

Thanks for all the positive feedback I received so far,

-- Renaud

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