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Nessus 3.0.3 / 2.2.8 released ; NessusClient 1.0.0.RC5 available
Tenable Network Security, Inc. is proud to announce the availability
of the following products :

- Nessus 3.0.3
- Nessus 2.2.8
- NessusClient 1.0.0.RC5

Nessus 3.0.3

Nessus 3.0.3 has been released. This version is available on the
Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OS X platforms, as well as on Solaris (sparc)
and as a public beta on Microsoft Windows.

This release contains the following fixes and improvements over 3.0.2 :

- nessusd would stop in a middle of a scan if the log file is bigger
than 2 gigabytes
- nessusd would stop in a middle of a scan due to a hard to trigger
one-byte memory overwrite issue
- ping/packet forgery would fail when scanning a network over a NIC
which was not enabled when nessusd initially started up
- performance problems would arise when reading/writing KB files when
scanning big networks
- nasl -T - script.nasl now makes script debugging easier
- Slightly faster initial plugins processing
- More robust plugins database backend
- On Mac OS X, users can be managed graphically thru the Nessus
Server Manager program
- Updated the plugins distributed with the archive

We are thrilled to add Windows to our set of supported platforms.
However, please keep in mind this version is a public beta. Therefore
be careful when you use it and do not hesitate to send us your
feedback at <>

Nessus 3.0.3 is available at :

Nessus 2.2.8

Nessus 2.2.8 has also been released. It contains several fixes over
2.2.7 :

- nessusd would stop in a middle of a scan due to a hard to trigger
one-byte memory overwrite issue
- plugins of type ACT_INIT and ACT_SETTINGS would not always be
enabled during a scan
- nasl would huge amounts of memory when executing a script mis-using
the 'split()' function

Nessus 2.2.8 is available at :

NessusClient 1.0.0RC5

Finally, the release candidate 5 of NessusClient has been released.
NessusClient, a GTK client for Nessus running on most Unix systems,
is being co-developped by Intevation GmbH and Tenable Network
Security, Inc.

This new release contains the following changes over RC4 :

- Added Swedish language support (provided by Daniel Nylander)
- Renamed nessus-mkcert-client to nessusclient-mkcert
- Fix for Bug #1414 : Plugin Prefs selection options get lost


-- Renaud

Renaud Deraison
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