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Nessus 3.0.2 (beta) for Mac OS X
Tenable is pleased to announce the availability of Nessus 3.0.2
(beta) for Mac OS X 10.4

Nessus for Mac OS X is not just a port of the Unix server to the Mac
environment, it also bundles a native interface to manage the server
and the client.

Features :

The Mac OS X Nessus Client sports the following features :

- Session-based :
A 'session' is a set of targets, policies and results. A session may
contain multiple scan results ;
- File-based :
Each session is stored as a unique file on disk. This file can then
be easily moved around to another host by email, ftp, etc... ;
- Multiple scans in parallel :
You can create multiple sessions in parallel (File->New) and each
session can perform a scan ;
- Real-time results :
The results can be viewed and worked on in real time ;
- Universal Binary :
Nessus for Mac OS X natively runs on PPC and Intel CPUs ;

Nessus 3.0.2 (beta) for Mac OS X is available at : <http://>

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