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NessusClient 1.0.0RC4 ( + RPMs) available
Hi there,

I've released NessusClient 1.0.0.RC4 on friday, as well as RPMs for
the SuSE and Red Hat platforms today (which should hopefully make it
easier to several persons out there to get NessusClient to work)

NessusClient 1.0.0.RC4 includes the following changes over RC3 :

- Fixed Red Hat compilation issues
- Fixed a plugin preference synchronisation error when reconnecting
to nessusd
- The list of plugins and port scanners is properly saved in XML and
LaTeX outputs
- Properly extract the risk of a plugin from the new description format

Please note that this is a release candidate and a community
supported product. Feedback on the release itself, or on the RPMs
(missing dependencies, etc...) is more than welcome.

You can download NessusClient RC4 at :

Thanks and have a great week,

-- Renaud
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