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Re: 44/9, 44.128/10 (was 44/8)
On 7/19/19 2:17 PM, Mikael Abrahamsson wrote:
> On Fri, 19 Jul 2019, Phil Karn wrote:
>>> And one of the principal people in the network telescope project was
>>> KC, who also weaseled herself onto the ARDC board without even holding
>>> an amateur radio license.  Conflict of interest here, holy carp.
>> You are not in possession of all the facts.
>> KC (Kim Claffy) is KC6KCC.
> The grant date was 2018-02-21.

That is of that callsign, she was KM6PUK before she got KC6KCC, and KM6PUK was
granted 01/31/2018, assuming she took the Tech exam with Greater Los Angeles
Amateur Radio Group VEC some time before that.

> So both of the above statements can be true at the same time since I have
> no idea when KC joined the ARDC board. When was that?

I was critical of this since at least 2012. John Gilmore was also on the
board and was unlicensed at the time.


This is a moot point as having a valid amateur license is about the lowest bar
any board member should have. 90% of this list can take the exam and pass
without studying.

The bigger question is what have any of the board members done in the time
they've been on the board. Certainly not reach out to the users of the
resource. There has been no communication from them until now.

From an operational standpoint, RDNS for many subnets is still broken.

Bryan Fields

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