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No playback - X Error: Bad Alloc - problem explination.
Hi list,

For those of you that may be experiencing the "X Error: Bad Alloc" when
trying to playback or watch live TV I think I've found the problem. If
you are using Xorg rather than Xfree (Redhat Fedora Core 2 distros use
Xorg) the explination for the problem can be found in the following bug
report at Xorg. Unfortunately, there are no reliable work arounds for
the moment.

Apparently there is some sort of bug that has been reported by several
people and so far Xorg's response is "I'll look at it when I get a
chance". This bug apparently affects all programs that use XV. Since I
have no idea when the problem may be fixed, I'm considering switching to
a different distro that uses XFree. Does anyone know if RHFC1 uses Xorg
or Xfree? Does anyone have a suggestion for a "general" purpose distro
for which step-by-step installation howto's (like Jarods for Redhat)
exist? Thanks.

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