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Mythfrontend Ideas
These are just some random ideas to improve myth. Tell me what you
think. And I hope I don't rattle too much cages.

- In the TV schedule, could we draw a line at every midnight? I plan
several days ahead and sometimes get lost with the days. This would help
I think.

- In edit mode, could we define the '(' and ')' keys for cut forward and
cut backward? Saves a few keystrokes, in stead of <ENTER> <UP/DOWN>
<ENTER>. You can remember these keys by thinking that you place the
parts you want to remove between brackets.

And finally a more radical idea:
To remain consistent, how about an 'edit recording' menu option in the
TV menu? First you select a recording and then jump directly into edit mode.
Play - Plays the recording, but the '(' and ')' keys are still active,
so you can place cutpoints on the fly.
Pause - Has the effect of pressing 'E' in the current Playback mode.

After pressing <ESC> it asks if you want to compact the recording
(compacting is easier to understand than transcode).

In the 'edit recording' menu should also be the functionality that
'nuvexport' now supplies.

Finally, You could consider moving the 'mythfilldatabade info' menu to
the main menu.