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v31 - MacOS Playback - Quarter Screen Issue on Retina - Resolved
I've just uploaded a version of Mythfrontend for MacOS to the sourceforge
repository ( This
version should fix the quarter screen playback issues on retina screens
(without the play in low resolution hack). I'm still working on getting
the plugins to work and will post a version once I sort out the issues in
the build process.

A BIG BIG thank you to Mark Kendal for making all of the fixes.

I've also posted a substantial update to my build script (now actually and
executable script) to the forums on the first post here: This
version should fully automate the build cycle in High Sierra and Catalina.

Warning to those trying to build on Catalina - you'll need Xcode 11.3.
Newer versions cause all sorts of new issues that will need to get worked