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Your experience with v31 & 4k TV, HDR, 10bit etc etc
it's looking more and more likely that one of my TV's (in conservatory, so not my primary FE) is starting to fail and i'm looking at either a cheap 32" 1080p panel to replace it, or buy a new 4k TV for the primary FE and swap the failing TV with the power-hungry 10yr old 1080p plasma tv which is my primary display. It's also likely that i'll need a new 4k-capable AVR unless i can passthru audio from TV to AVR and resign my 1080p AVR to audio only.

While i'm familiar with a few of the 4k features (HDR for example) some of the these new 4k tv features will need some research to know just how useful they are, and their compatibility with my FE hardware (rpi4 & 2019 shield pro). for example 10bit is alluring but also must have hardware support. I'm also /assuming/ FTA/FTV channels on DVB-S2 wont support 10bit or HDR so it'll be a tech used purely for other sources.

So... lots of decisions and research to be done to find out exactly what does what and if it's worth my money. probably 98%+ of our watching is from broadcast TV. Since Mythtv is my primary viewing platform and i see v31 has brought a lot of newer techs (HDR for example), whats the reality of all the new tech?
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