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mythfrontend errors during FF/REW
I'm still trying to get smooth FF/REW performance on my new system.  I
upgraded my hardware from a dual core with PCIE Nvidia to an I7 with
Intel onboard video.  That means I went from 0.29 and Nvidia/VDPAU to
0.31 and Intel/VAAPI.  Normal playback is excellent, but instead of a
steady VCR-like FF, I get successive jumps, like turning off sticky keys
and holding down the -> key.  It doesn't work the way we are used to and
it's really difficult to get it to resume playback where we want it to. 
I'm trying to figure out if it's the new version, the new hardware or VAAPI.

When I FF, I get continuous errors in the frontend log:

2020-05-20 15:46:22.932664 W [2626735/2626735] CoreContext
MythCodecContext: Error: 6 concurrent hardware frames contexts
2020-05-20 15:46:23.049832 W [2626735/2626825] Decoder
mythplayer.cpp:3085:HandleDecoderCallback  Waited 100ms for VAAPI
context creation

It repeats until normal playback is resumed (sometimes 7 concurrent
frames, sometimes 5).  I've tried all the playback profiles and the one
that works best during FF/REW is "High Quality" (no VAAPI or VDPAU
specified).  I don't know exactly what driver that is using (maybe
software decode?) but FF/REW performance is smooth and no errors
logged.  Unfortunately, the video quality is not as good during normal
playback (panned scenes are not smooth, deinterlacing not as good).

The best playback quality seems to be "VDPAU High Quality", which, I
believe, actually uses the VAAPI driver via a VDPAU wrapper.  When I
select either "VAAPI Normal" or "VAAPI2 Normal", playback is still good
(maybe not QUITE as good, but hard to tell) but I get the same FF/REW
errors and performance.

I'm guessing the 100ms wait might be the issue, or maybe the error just
before it that complains about concurrent hardware frames.  Anyone know
what all this means and if there's a way to smooth this out?

Dave D.

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