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issue with a Geforce GT-710
A few weeks ago I acquired a cheap graphics card "NVIDIA GT 710/REV 1.0".
While initially it was CPU heavy and had some artifacts. Activating vdpau
fixed this and made it very efficient.

I am using up-to-date f26 with the latest nvidia driver. Connection is by DVI
to a 2560x1440 monitor.

I had some issue since then with a number of crashes, usually within the
first 10 minutes after boot (or wake-up).

However, one usual thing looks bad and may point to the problem.
I have mythfrontend running in one workspace and I am browsing in another,
so no part of myth is visible.

Yet, if the browser shows a page with images I can see some "action" inside
the images, looking like a swarm of small bright sports moving about.
If I pause myth then the spots stop moving.

Anyone else saw this? Something I can do?

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