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Re: HDPVR - no longer recording! (Fixed)
Hi All,

Thanks for your suggestions, I managed to get my HD PVRs working (both my original one and the new spare one).

The problem was that I'd swapped the GREEN and the BLUE video input cables - easy to do in poor light when you're colour blind.



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On Sat, May 12, 2018 at 2:55 PM, Shawn Flynn <> wrote:
> 1) Check your power supply. The original ones that shipped with the HD-PVRs are notoriously finicky.

Many of them developed the excessive ripple disease(*) due to
their design points. The first thing to do when any consumer device
more than a few years old dies is try replacing the power supply
This is not unique to Hauppauge (they are just well known in
this community because they sell tuners). Many vendors ship
power supplies/bricks/wall_warts that fail after a few years(**).

(*) And you can only see the excessive ripple if you place
the device on your test bench under load. Just using a
typical consumer VOM to measure the voltage not under
load often shows you nothing of significance (and a lot of
cheap VOMs won't report the ripple even if the device is
under load). That is why it is just easier for most to try
with a different power supply.

(**) they saved a buck or so per supply, and that can
mean real money (depending on your volume). Of course,
if you actually *can* sell millions and millions, you can
negotiate with the big boys and get quality supplies for
a small premium over the crap, and some companies
will do that, but smaller vendors don't have that leverage,
and the difference in prices is higher.
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