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mythbackend logging
how do we set file based logging for mythbackend, when NOT running as daemon?
i run mythbackend in a screen session so mythbackend outputs to that console. Does mythbackend offer it's own way to teeing the output to both console and file, or would i have to run something like 'mythbackend 2>&1 | tee /var/log/mythtv/backend.log'?

on a similar note, is there a way to set mythbackend logging via a config file, so instead of (for example) 'mythbackend --loglevel debug --logpath /path/to/log ...' i'd simply run 'mythbackend' and it'll do whatever is defined in the config file?

Ultimately, I'm hoping to monitor the state of mythfilldatabase, so if it reports an error, i can monitor it and fire an email off. however i guess there could be other things i might wish to monitor for in the future so getting everything in one file seems like a better way to handle things.

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