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Intel NUC6CAYH as frontend: HDMI audio advice needed

  Despite recent warnings about HDMI multichannel sound, as in the recent thread by Justin:;#614458

  I just bought a NUC6CAYH as my next frontend after running into non-mythtv difficulty with a Chinese N3450 device.  This will be my first NUC.

The build quality and EFI options look very good and I am intending mythtv frontend to co-habit with a Logitech Media Server for my sound archive.

One of the first decisions is how and whether to update the HDMI firmware. My TV is an older, HDMI 1.4 device and my sound chain is:

MythTV -> TV over HDMI
TV -> amplifier over tioslink

This chain has been capable of playing back Dolby digital and DTS 5.1.

It looks as if I have the following options, while my windows ssd is screwed into the device:

1. Parform the HDMI firmware upgrade whilke connected to a friend's HDMI 2.0 compatible TV
2. Perform the HDMI firmware upgrade while connected to my own, HDMI 1.4 TV
3. Don't perform the upgrade.

As I understand it, the upgrade needs to be performed with a HDMI 2.0 compatible screen attached in order to fix the HDMI 2.0 related sound issues, but I don't know if this will adversely affect sound quality over HDMI 1.4?

Advice would be appreciated.