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Custom duplicate matching recording rules?
Does anyone happen to have any templates for custom duplicate matching
recording rules?

I have some children's programs (e.g. Curious George) set up to record, but
don't have a great way to handle their repeat schedules. These programs
typically air multiple episodes per day and often repeat the same episode
multiple times in a given week while interspersing other episodes.

I gave up on archiving every episode of these shows and currently have a
"Record All" with de-duping turned off and only hold onto the latest 10
recordings. Ideally, I'd like to be able to hold onto the most
recently-aired 10 unique episodes, regardless of whether I've recorded the
episode further back in time. Another alternative I've contemplated is
only de-duping for the past month, but I haven't seen any documented
examples where one can redefine the time-bounds of duplicate matching....

Thank you,