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uneven playback (not stutter) on nvidia vdpau

 I tried to post this last weekend, including the logfile both inline and as an attachment. Both mails are awaiting moderation and can be deleted.

MythTV playback suffers from a weird unevenness that doesn't appear to be refresh-rate / frame-rate related and which doesn't look like dropped frames. the playback appears to suffer from regular speeding-up / slowing down, with each cycle taking something under a second.  It is particularly noticable in panning and scenes like a car travelling at constant speed, which always look like my fist driving lesson.

Video adapter is an Nvidia 610 running nvidia 340.x driver on a dual core opteron max clock 3.4MHz.

Both CPU cores are raised to min 1.8Mhz for playback and nvidia power saving is disabled.

Yesterday I thoughtb this might be related to RTC permissions, but I have fixed that without solving the problem.  I attach a portion of the frontend log with verbose playback logging enabled.

  I have also wondered if it might have something to do with subtitle rendering, but can confirm that the problem persists without subs.

The TV confirms the correct refresh rate for the source material frame rate.

I have also checked that rt prio is correctly allowed in limits conf and that the "mythuser" user (frontend ruins in this context) is a member of the correct ("audio") group

The log is available at:
Can anyone see anything inthe logs that might explain the issue?