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IPTV Playing and Recording m3u8 Fails
Hello, I'm trying to get mythtv to record IPTV on LinHes 8.4.3 running
Mythtv 0.28.1.The m3u8 file below downloads and adds the 5
(non-conflicting) channels to the guide. My guide is populated and I can
schedule recordings. Trying to wach the channels live I ony get "Signal 0%
| (TL__) Partial Lock". The recordings fail also. The m3u8 plays and
records in vlc ubuntu and windows 10, it also plays in Plex on Win 10.
"Recorder" will record, but only one channel at a time, even with two
different providers.
The guide info comes from schedules direct, direct tv 10033.
As far as I know the stream is hls mpeg-2.ts. Mythtv records from Ceton 6
and HomeRun Prime perfectly."
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Im willing to email a "Token"
good for 30 day to somebody that is willing to try to make the m3u8 work.
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