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PCI passthrough devices not appearing in Mythbuntu guest VM
I have a virtualised Mythbuntu 12.04 server. Today I installed two
DVB-T PCI cards in the XenServer (vsn 6) and followed some
instructions on how to pass these through to a guest VM (my Mythbuntu
VM in this case).

The devices appeared as assignable on XenServer and I assigned them to
a VM like this:
# xe vm-param-set

When I run "xe vm-param-list
uuid=bf78fd6b-0bf8-82ab-917c-ffccd221749d"; on XenServer I see this
against the VM:
('pci' '0/0000:05:00.0,0/0000:05:00.2,0/0000:05:01.0,0/0000:05:01.2')

On the Mythbuntu VM I edited /etc/default/grub to add iommu and
swiotlb kernel params and ran "sudo update-grub":
GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="splash iommu=soft swiotlb=force"

So I thought at that point I should be able to see the PCI cards with
lspci on the Mythbuntu VM. But I can't :( has anyone else done this on
XenServer and knows what have I done wrong, or what steps have I
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