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TerraTec Cinergy T Pcie Dual: can't use the two tuners
*TerraTec Cinergy T Pcie Dual Problem*
I am a new user of mythtv. I have a new TerraTec Cinergy T Pcie Dual with
two tuners. Trying to test this card with mythbuntu 11.10: I had to
download & compile drivers to get this card recognised.
Now mythtv sees the two tuners. They are slightly different:
Tuner with chipset DRX-3913K: DVB-C + DVB-T
Tuner with chipset DRX-3916K: DVB-T + analog
For one of the tuners (not sure which of both), I can configure it properly
for DVB-T and make a channel scan, I choose "Spain" and finds all the
The problem is with the other tuner: it seems that is recognised by mythtv
only as DVB-C capable, because when I try to make the scan I can only
choose "germany" or "UK" as countries, and if I do the scan with any of
these two countries it finds nothing.
That's it. Can someone give advice of what am I missing? A little lost
right now...
Thanks all,