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Mythvideo, mkv's and filenames in .25
I had started putting a series in .24 but didn't finish up until .25.

The files from the series in .24 were .mpg files and the cover art for
each episode was a frame from the show (I'm guessing jamu did this?)

The files were named: series_name_1x01.mpg etc

I just finished putting some files in that I had ripped from the other
dvds of the series. These were mkv files. They play just fine in

They're named:

series_name_1x08.mkv etc.

When I asked it to retrieve details, it wasn't able to get the series
name/episode info from the filename. When I manually entered the
series name, episode title and season/episode numbers it retrieved
info, but the cover art for the episode was just a generic cover
instead of the frame from the episode. It also showed the runtime as 0
minutes, while the files entered under .24 showed the 21 minutes.

Is there an change in the filename parsing? Is there a change in the
way it grabs an episode frame, or was that just jamu finding an
episode image in .24? Is it because its an mkv?

Thanks for any advice.
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