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Notice for users of old (pre-0.22) MythTV versions (was Re: Upgrad failing from schema 1214 to 1265)
On 02/26/2012 11:59 PM, Christopher X. Candreva wrote:
>>> On Monday, 27 February 2012, Christopher X. Candreva wrote:
>>>> I am attempting to upgraed a combined FE/BE from an older verions (0.23 I
>>>> believe) to latest from atrmps. This also involves an upgrade from older
>>>> fedora to fedora 16, which runs Mysql 5.5
>>>> The schema updates to 1215, then hangs while updating to 1216. From looking
>>>> at the mysqlprocesslist, I see a line:
>>>> 4 | mythtv | localhost | mythconverg | Query | 23 | Waiting for schema
>>>> metadata lock | ALTER DATABASE mythconverg DEFAULT CHARACTER SET latin1 |
> There is definately a bug in the update from 1215 to 1216 then, under Mysql
> 5.5. The line above where it says "waiting for schema metadata lock" shows
> a deadlock condition. There is only one request running and it is waiting
> for a lock. I'm guesing the 6-8 hours is some lock timing out.
> I found a frontend still running Fedora 14 with mysql 5.1, loaded my
> database there, and the 1215 to 1216 part of the update took seconds.
> I found a mention of this in a web search, it was a post from a while ago
> which is what made me go looking for a frontend I had still running F14.
> I can understand if it is old enough no one wants to bother with it though.

Thanks for the report. This is fixed in 0.24-fixes, now, and--in a
sense--"fixed" in master.

We hadn't been updating our minimum supported upgrade version for the
last few releases, but I just did so in master (and, therefore, for the
0.25 release). The 0.25 release will only support database upgrades
from MythTV 0.22 or higher database schema versions. Therefore, the
specific change that failed for you is no longer possible in master.
For more info on the reasoning for the update, see:

Users on older versions will need to either use incremental upgrades or
start a new database when upgrading to 0.25. So, for example, a user
using 0.21 could choose to install 0.24-fixes, run its version of
mythtv-setup and let it attempt to upgrade the database for
them--knowing that some of the upgrades may not work as designed with
newer packages, etc. As mentioned in the commit message, though, anyone
attempting to do incremental upgrades may post messages here (or ask
questions in #mythtv-users on IRC or ...) if they encounter issues and
we will attempt to help complete the upgrade.

So, for those of you using extremely old versions of MythTV (including
0.21-fixes and below), I recommend upgrading to current 0.24-fixes
(please use the most-current 0.24-fixes version available), so you will
be able to upgrade your database to 0.25 and beyond.

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