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Feature Suggestion....
Hi All,

I have had an idea for a new feature for myth.

In our house, quite often we record programs of interest to more than
one of us, and end up watching them at different times. This means that
quite often I have to actually communicate with my teenager to find out
whether a program has been watched, and can therefore be deleted
(parents of teenagers will know what I mean here!!!)

So, here is a thought - how about a user tracking system?

What I mean is that as each program is watched, the user has the option
to tag the program as seen by that user.

For example:

South Park records
User 1 watches it, and ticks the user 1 box
User 2 watches it, and ticks the user 2 box

Then, when I am trawling through the recordings to see which can be
erased, I know that it has been watched, and can be deleted.

This could even be taken further, by having user interests attached to
the record table - so that user 1 and 2 might be interested in program
1, and user 2 and 3 interested in program 2. Myth could then
auto-delete program 1 when users 1 and 2 have indicated that they have
watched program 1, and auto-delete program 2 when users 2 and 3 have
indicated they have watched program 2.

What do you think?



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