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Navigate menu not available when program is still being recorded
Hello all,

Another item I came across during NFL football on Sunday. NFL commercial
breaks are unusual in some ways, for example the broadcast will come and go
to and from commercials at odd intervals compared to other programming.
With these programs, for example, MythTV regularly mistakenly flags short
pieces of program between two commercial breaks as one contiguous break.

So I wanted to temporarily turn off commercial skipping while viewing so as
not to miss any action. So I looked for "turn off commercial skip", and it
wasn't there.

Apparently, the "Navigate" menu that contains the item to turn on/off
commercial skip isn't present while the program is still recording. When
playing back after recording completion, it's there.

Is there any reason I shouldn't be able to toggle commercial skipping during
playback, when the recording is still in progress?

Using the Mythbuntu theme on 0.24.27204.