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LiveTV usage problem

I have noticed a particular senerio which is causing me some issues
when using liveTV. The only time I really use LiveTV is to watch sporting
events -- in the recent cases football (American style). The sporting
events almost never end within the block of time allocated for them. Given
that, here's the problem...

Say I am watching a *3* hour football game, which goes 3.5 hours. I, for whatever
reason, am running 40 minutes behind the actual game time. At the 3 hour point,
mythtv creates a new file for the new program... So I am at 2:45 minutes into the
game (game is actually at 3:25) and I use the remote to ff or rew -- myth will take
me back to the beginning of the first file (ie: time 0). True, not an insurmountable
problem as I can ff through the game to catch back up, but not something I was/am
really wanting to do.

This happens on every game I have watched over the last 3 weekends (I need to adjust
my remote to skip faster). I'm not sure what causes the problem, but it is annoying.

Any thoughts on this?

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