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UPnP Client compatibility matrix
Hello, all. As part of trying to solidify the UPnP/DLNA support in MythTV,
I'm planning on creating a feature support matrix on the wiki. I don't like
the current page for it, but I'm not ready to actually format it YET.

However, I would like to ask everyone who is using UPnP clients with their
backend to submit the following data. Please email it to me directly, and I
will start to create the matrix.

Client Product Name:
Client Product URL:
(if you have it)
Client User Agent string:
(use mythbackend -v upnp, and copy/paste the entire user agent string)
Works with recordings:
Works with videos:
Works with music:
Video resolution(s):
Video codec support:
Audio codec support:
Problems (if any):

I'm sure there will be other details to add as well, but if you email me
directly, I can follow up with each of you with any future information to
fill in. I am expecting we will identify some devices that have little
foibles that may need working around, but without knowing the details, it's
hard to know what to fix.