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Myth on Mac issue with DCT-6200 and firewire PPC vs. Universal
I have been testing out the Universal builds from Snyderpad, and have found
an annoying issue that seems to be related to a possible byte-ordering (??)
snafu between the PPC and Universal binaries for OSX.

When I use Myth via Firewire to my Motorola DCT-6200, I can tune the STB,
but I get no LAM (Lock) when I run the Universal version of MythBackend; any
build since the 0.21 branch (forever).

However, if I select the 'Open with Rosetta' box in the info window for
MythBackend (thereby executing the PPC portion only), MythBackend works, and
I get LAM (Lock) on all supported channels.

Knowing that MythBackend is mostly I/O bound, and not CPU-load critical, I
can live with this for now. But, since this issue has been around for a
while, I thought it best to inform the list.

I run Myth on a C2D Mac Mini with 2G of RAM hooked up to an external DTS/DD
decoder. It is connected to Comcast Digital cable via the DCT-6200 and
Firewire. If there are any other configuration/setup details anyone needs
from me, please let me know.


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