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Lirc channel change script for Mythtv when used with Dish Vip612 satellite receiver
Given the price of Diesel fuel, my RVing days have been greatly
curtailed. Therefore for added at-home entertainment, I just opted for
an upgraded satellite TV package consisting of two dish Vip612
receivers. Naturally, my serial port blaster channel change script
didn't initially work. I made two changes to the script. The entire
perl script and a description of the changes I made are below.

1. The old script didn't handle channel numbers with length such as
6097. I added the statement that begins with "if (length($channel) > 3) {"

2. An inactive ViP612 receiver provides an irritating video display
when it is "powered down". It brags about "Your HD system...." and
requires a remote "select" key press to return to watching TV. I
therefore added the line
system ("irsend -d /dev/lircd1 SEND_ONCE $remote_name select");
at the beginning of the script.

The script should be located in /usr/local/bin and named You can test it by watching the output of your
dish receiver while entering, in a terminal on your mythbox, for example,
/usr/local/bin/ 200
A few seconds later, your TV should come up on CNN, dish statellite
channel 200. The remote name I used was "dish" (not dish2 or dish1...
neither of these worked.. and I don't know why.) because I set my
remote dish receiver address is set to "1" (one). (The other ViP612
receiver's remote is at dish remote address 2 since it doesn't ever
connect to myth...greater WAF that way!)

Here's the entire script:
----------------------------------------- snip ---------------------------
# name the file then place in /usr/local/bin,
remember to chmod +xr
# make sure to set this string to
# the corresponding remote in /etc/lircd.conf
$remote_name = "dish";
# Next two lines added to get rid of advertisement that comes up
# on Vip612 dish receive when inactive.
system ("irsend -d /dev/lircd1 SEND_ONCE $remote_name select");
sleep 2;

sub change_channel {
my($channel_digit) = @_;
system ("irsend -d /dev/lircd1 SEND_ONCE $remote_name
sleep 1;

sleep 1;
if (length($channel) > 3) {
} elsif (length($channel) > 2) {
} elsif (length($channel) > 1) {
} else {
system ("irsend -d /dev/lircd1 SEND_ONCE $remote_name select");

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