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low-latency/preempt kernel (was Re: PVR250 + TVWonder = jerky FIXED)
This sounds tempting, but I suppose I'll have to recompile all of my
modules as well. I've been experiencing a little bit of sporadic
hesitation on playback even though the drive and processor loads are
very reasonable. You think these patches could reduce or eliminate
that? Has anybody else observed similar improvement with the use of
these patches.


>I wanted to try the ALSA drivers instead of the OSS drivers; the soundcard
>(SB PCI 128) is supposed to be ASLA-supported, but I never got it to work.
>So, I am still using the OSS drivers. However, in the process I downloaded
>the 2.4.20 kernel source ( and the preempt and low-latency
>patches as described in one of the ALSA howtos. Booting with this kernel, I
>no longer experience the video playback issues, even with both tuners going.
>I don't know whether it was the low latency patches that fixed things, or
>maybe it was the RH threading model that was causing problems. I know
>Vincent said he was using Debian, but recompiling the kernel is worth a
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