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XP2000+ good for a 2 tuner system?
Hi all,

Me and my brother have just received a $300 CAD grant from our parents to
upgrade our P3-500mhz MythTV box to something a little snappier.

For $309 CAD, we can get this package:

AMD Athlon XP 2000
ASUS A7S333 (w/ onboard sound)
256MB DDR PC-333 RAM
And a new case/psu.

Worth it? We think so. We're gonna use our existing videocard and possibly
soundcard in the new rig (in case the onboard audio sucks.) Also, as we were
poking our heads around a local computer store, we found a bunch of used
TV-Tuner cards. We're thinking about investing in one of these cheap cards
(like $30), thus allowing our machine to record a show, and watch live TV at
the same time.
Will this rig be fast enough to encode 2 streams, and decode 1 at the same
Also: Has anyone had any experience with used TV-tuner cards?
(Should we go both tuners tied to the two different sound cards, or try to
find a used soundcard with btaudio?)