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Sound too fast with new box...
I just built a new box on the shuttle SNG41G2 and a pvr250. I am using
my old system and database and files just with a new motherboard and tv
card, plus using the built in sound. Watching live tv with myth,
mplayer, xmms, or whatever all works fine with the nvaudio.o driver I
use for the onboard sound. Its oss, so one channel at a time, but that's
ok, it works.

The problem is if I use watch recordings (my old recordings that where
done with the hauppage dbx card I had) or if I play any mp3's with
mythmusic its all hilariously fast. Well hilarious for the first 2
minutes, then it gets real old, real fast. The video IS synced with the
audio, its all running just way fast. Guessing its some 32k being played
at 48k somehow? Dunno.

Any pointers on where too look now? And don't tell me alsa, the sound
with either 9.0.2 and cvs versions where all horrible, plus I want
digital out (the cvs version is supposed to work with the spdif, but I
can't get it to work, nor heard of anybody who has).

Hoping its some small configuration problem I have with mythtv, since
it's the only thing I have problems with.

Btw, the pvr250 with the latest cvs drivers is awesome. It takes ZERO
cpu usage while watching live tv. Only problem is some weird artifacts
like a corrupted framebuffer that show up every few seconds. Just lasts
for one frame then blinks out, but still annoying.