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Wrong airdates?

I managed to get MythTV to work with tv_grab_nl, which grabs Dutch TV
listings from <>. The listings show up correctly in
the EPG, and the rest of MythTV seems to work well.

If I schedule a recording however, MythTV shows a wrong airdate. For
example: the EPG shows "Crank Yankers, za apr 26, 14:33 - 14:45" which
is correct. After scheduling, it shows up in the recordings list as:
"Crank Yankers, airdate ma jan 6, 14:33 - 14:45".

The programme is never recorded, as this is a date in the past.

I couldn't find a reference to this problem in the FAQ or the archives,
so I hope someone can give me a clue here.

I am using MythTV version 0.8-11 on a Debian box (woody), my TZ is
Central European Summer Time.