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Re: [mythtv] PVR250 Setup Question
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I had a similar problem the second time I installed a PVR card, so I
went back to my notes:

- patch < v4l2 patches > kernel-source
- comment out the inclusion of time.h in
kernel-source/include/linux/videodev2.h as per Isaac
- cp kernel-source/include/linux/videodev*.h /usr/include/linux
- build and reboot under new kernel
- update ivtv drivers from cvs and build
- unload any previously-loaded v4l modules (specifically msp34xx)
- follow ivtv/doc/capturing.txt to insert modules in proper order

In my case, I overlooked stale videodev headers from an earlier ivtv build.


On Apr 23, at 21:49, Mike Wood encoded a 0.4K recording:
> Hey gang, I've got my PVR250 installed. If I run cat /dev/video0 >
> testfile.mpg I get a capture that'll play in mplayer. But when I run
> myth's setup, it says ERROR, No Inputs Found.
> In the console, I see this message as well:
> ioctl: Invalid argument
> What am I doing wrong?