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Re: Linux distros. - Ben Bucksch
Hey Ben,
I just got to chime in here mind you *not flame you*. Someones
probably already covered this, but your decibing Mandrake in
just about ever way. Urpmi (as I elaborated in my long winded
email yesturday) is basically rpm with apt-gets features, so you
get the software for Redhat like systems with the power you've
already grown to love. Next on your list was hardware detection,
I really understand what your saying because I've been using
Linux for about 4 years now and as much as I like to hack around
I also *really like to get stuff done* and fixing and
configuring is a big waste of time. Mandrake auto configures and
install everything I've thrown at it (since around 7.1, its now
9.1). Last point, Suse isn't REALLY open source friendly like
Redhat (I'm not trying to fault them, I think revenue models are
increasingly important as we start to "grow up") but Mandrake
like Redhat has embraced the GPL and made it a central part of
their business model (see Mandrake club on their site to see how
they try to work around 'giving software away').

Anyhow, sorry to be such an advocate. Debian is a great system.
But even John "Maddog" Hall used Suse for the ease of use.
Sometimes having a system that does some of the work for you is
nice too.

PS, Mandrake is more like a mix between Debians stable and
unstable, but since there is just the one distro they tend to
keep their new packages working very stably. Which is nice for
those of us who want cutting edge with some of the 'excitement'
taken out. ;-)

>>Compared to SuSe, Red Hat seemed unprofessional und
unpolished. >>I don't
>>know Mandrake, but it's hard to imagine that they would do
>>better than SuSe. A plus for Red Hat is that it's completely
>>open-source, they release everything, while SuSe's installer
is >>not, you
>>only have "permission to copy" for private use or something
like >>that.

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