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The PVR250 Install....
Ok guys, I've been running MythTV for a couple weeks now, but I just
picked up a PVR250 and I'd like to get it running. Unfortunately, I'm
clueless when it comes to patching kernels, recompiling
kernels....basically anything having to do with the kernel, well, I've
just never done it. From what I can tell, that's what I need to do to
get this card to work so can someone please give me a step-by-step on
how to get this done? I'm running RedHat 9.0, fresh install, I know
need to get the files downloaded for the IVTV driver....but then what?
Remember, I'm clueless....go easy on me! :-)

TIA...and my apologies for cross posting this, but I wasn't sure which
list to send it to.