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Segmentation Fault
I just got done installing Myth 0.8 on RH 9 and on my first attempt to
watch TV it locked. After I killed Myth I noticed a Seg. Fault so I
turned on debugging and recompiled then started the front-end again, ran
through the Setup options within Myth then hit Watch TV with the
following output:
Starting program:
[New Thread 1086485408 (LWP 5608)]
connecting to backend server:
[New Thread 1099091248 (LWP 5620)]
[New Thread 1116949808 (LWP 5623)]
Couldn't get registers: No such process.
(gdb) bt
Cannot fetch general-purpose registers for thread 1086485408: generic

As you can see, the backtrace didn't work so I'm not sure how useful
this will be.