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Is there an 8GB file size limit?
I tried to record The Masters today and when I came back it was frozen at some
point in the tournament (argh...first victim of trying to use beta software in
production). I looked at the file size in /var/video and it was at 8GB, so was
the ringbuf1.nuv file. I am suspecting that it probably isn't a mythtv issue
but a filesystem issue. Does ext2 have that 8gb limit (like ntfs has the 4gb
limit)? Should I switch to a different filesystem? (ugh). Or was it just a
coincidental crash/freeze and there is no actual limitation?

By the way, I gave up on the ATI Radeon 9000 and stuck my GeForce3 from my other
machine in there and used the closed-source nvidia drivers - that worked great.

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