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sblive problems and hauppauge popping
I quit using btaudio on my hauppauge card because the popping on channel
change is driving me crazy. Hasn't someone hacked the driver to mute
channel changes?
Well, I m trying to use the line in on my sb live. It seems to drop
audio frames every few seconds and I get pops and clicks. This is
driving me even more crazy. My onboard audio works fine but I need that
for my avermedia stereo card which doesn't do btaudio. I am about to go
buy another soundcard but I thought I would post here first. I am using
the alsa drivers. I tried oss drivers, but I couldn't get sound from
myth, just the live audio. It may be a mixer problem though, i was using
aumix for the oss drivers - is there a better one?
I don't think the soundcard is bad because bttv works fine and linein
for my guitar works fine.