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Recording OK, Playing back OK - But not both?
I'm close to getting myth running properly, but this
symptom is stumping me - I can start up mythbackend
and mythfrontend, have it record shows just fine. But
after I watch those shows, then the recording function
doesn't work. I wish it were consistent, but here are
the symptoms as best I can describe. Please let me
know what extra info would be helpful (? dmesg
results, backtrace, IRQ details, etc).

I am running 0.8 on redhat 8 on a dell dimension 4550
p4 2.4ghz with alsa using onboard sound (intel 810)
and a nvidia gf4mx440 with svideo out.

For example, I recorded insomniac last night along
with a few other programs. I can watch this show today
just fine, but if after watching I try to record
another show, then I run into problems: mythbackend
reports normal behavior in the console (Changing from
None to RecordingOnly
audio volume set to '32768'
strange error flushing buffer ...) and the file in my
/var/video directory begins to grow, but at a much
slower rate than it should. And even after mythbackend
says Changing from RecordingOnly to None the file
keeps growing in size (!). the show is 1/2 hour, which
is typ ~850 MB for me, but a half hour after it said
it was finished recording, it is only 64MB and growing
at a rate of about 1 MB per minute.
If I go to watch this recorded show, nothing appears
on the screen and no sound either. mythbackend says
nothing and mythfrontend fills the console buffer with
Audio buffer overflow, audio data lost!

and in order to get to record shows again, I have to
reboot the machine (or is there another way I can try
to force a reset of the system?). yuck.

I'll confess that I'm still a linux newbie, but I've
been trying my best to work this out myself and with
the help of old messages to this list and others out
there. I'm now at my wits end and hoping for direction
from wiser folks. Thanks very much for your help.

ps- one other (related?) thing that I'm struggling
with is GLX support with the nvidia drivers - after
d/ling and installing the kernel driver and GLX driver
I have only been able to run x with the 'load "glx"'
line commented out of my XF86Config file ... any
connection here? Any suggestions ? I've tried
repeatedly, both binary and compile-your-own versions.

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