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RE: deinterlace: 'playback option?', question, an d sse/3dnow
I believe MPEG4, as well as MPEG2, compresses in such a way that interlacing is handled by the algorithm so there isn't a hit to the compression ratio. I run with deinterlacing turned on for TV-Out for sure. My kids watch a lot of high contrast stuff (read, cartoons :) and without deinterlacing during playback the jaggieness is obvious. Probably because I'm recording at 480x480 which doesn't scale scan for scan with the normal tv scanrate.

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shouldn' deinterlace be a record option ( not a playback option)? If you
de-interlace it before you encode it it will be smaller and should look
much better.

question: when playing on a tv does this setting do anything? Can you
see the difference? The output is interlaced so does it look
better or worse?

regarding sse, amd processers come in three flavors: 3dnow, enhanced 3dnow,
and proefessionall 3dnow:

3dnow -- no sse ( k6's maybe)
enhanced - part of sse - athlon
professional 3dnow - all of sse ( sse2) -- athlon XP

look for Athlon_XP_WP.pdf on amd's site ( whitepaper)

I'm not sure if interlacing uses enhanced or prefessional. I can tell
the difference on my slow amd 850. Unfornately I can capture with
greater than 240 scan lines anyway without dropping frames. so it is
a moot point.


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