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RME Audio Soundcard - Wow
I hooked up my RME digi96/8 PAD soundcard last night. For those who don't know this is a £200 soundcard (about $330 to the rest of you). And I am comparing it to a Meridian 508.24 CD player (about 10 times more expensive)....

I have to say that the RME is not *quite* as good, but it is a phenominal second place. To even be comparable, you have to admit, is quite outstanding.

I need to do some further testing, because at the moment the CD player is running with £400 interconnects, but the PC is using an £8 cable from Dixons(!), which is hardly a fair comparison! The CD player gets a significant boost just from changing a £200 cable to a £400 cable, so I need to get a decent cable on the PC before doing a full comparison. I imagine that the gap will close considerably once I get good quality cables...

Basically for those of you with reasonable setups I would imagine that getting either an RME Digi96 card, or the M-Audio 410 or 1010 card (about the same price) would blow away most consumer grade CD/DVD players! If £200 is too much, then M-Audio do a £99 card called the Revolution which is aimed at the Soundblaster market and has all the 3D surround games processing, etc - this is probably less expensive than an Audigy anyway, and will completely blow it away (apparently it is only slightly less good than the £200 card).

For anyone interested in more info have a look at the HTPC section at - this is mostly full of windows users, however, there are quite a lot of people who actually own $20K - $40K audio HIFI setups and are actually adding PC's into the loop because they are up there on quality...!

[.Just for reference I bought this card on a whim, never expecting it to be even in the same league as the CD player - so I am a very happy camper]