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RE: Documentation idea - was howIdidit: Debian+Mythfrom scratch using mdz'spkgs
> > What do you guys think about adding a wiki to the mythtv site for more
> > informal documentation (have a look at,say, squirrelmail to see someone
> > else use this).
> I _really_ dislike wikis.

Hmm, our emails crossed. This is rather a negative to the whole idea really.

Would you care to elaborate on why you dislike them?

I personally like the idea that any page of documentation has an "edit" button at the bottom. It's the open-source equivalent of documentation writing.

The syntax is not especially great, but it's adequate for all practical purposes, no worse than what you need to do special effects in a web forum for example. If there were better way so implement editors in a web browser, then I think these would be supported, but for the time being we have to use funny markup in a text box I think.

*nuke and Wiki are pretty similar to be honest. Where I think the wiki wins is that it is much easier to update, especially compared to an HTML site. No need to dig out html editor and you can edit from anywhere. Have a look at the Squirrelmail documentation for an example of a site that uses a Wiki quite extensively.

Remember it is not intended to be "update heavy" like a web-forum (which I hate), or mailing list. It is simply a lower startup cost way of doing the existing documentation.

Anyway, enough said. If you don't like it ...