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Mplayer Patch Problem

I've installed mplayer v 0.90rc5 and patched it with
the patch labeled
I've recoded a 1/2 hour show with Mythtv that's in the
modified NuppelVideo ( .nuv ) file format. When I
watch it using MythTV, the audio and video are in
perfect sync.

When I use mplayer ( patched ) to watch the .nuv
file, the audio quickly falls behind. Longer I
watch, the farther behind it gets.

Just to verify the sync problem was not a hardware
problem on my system, I used memcoder and mencvcd
with various combinations of options to burn VCDs.
Playing them with both Xine ( on Linux ) and in my
home DVD player, I see the same sync problem.

Is this the expected behavior of the patched
Or, do I have something wrong with my setup.



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