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RE: Playback limiltations [was: Sssssllooooowwwwwatching TV]
> I also want to add in that you can also get wildly different
> signal qualities due to cabling. I was getting a very poor
> picture for low channels (below 16) at first, but was able to
> improve them all by trying a different cable between my tuner
> card and the wall. I would also think that all cable leading
> from the cable provider to everyone's home is not equal (though,
> I'm sure they strive to do so).

I would second this. I bought some fairly expensive shielded cable and made up a fly lead to my wall socket basically because the quality of the picture looked pretty poor. Picture quality immediately improved dramatically. I suspect that there is a lot of radio frequency interference from the PC, or something else nearby.

Suggest trying to get a decent shielded cable on your system