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Dual (simultaneous) use of Myth box?
Firstly, kudos to all involved in development of MythTV! I've only been on
the sidelines since about two months ago, but the progress has been
stupendous. I have a few ideas to contribute, but I'll need to grok C++ and
the codebase for a while longer...

Now the question. I'm building a brand new MythTV box starting next weekend,
based on the Shuttle XPC SN41G2 chassis. This has twin VGA onboard, and
TV-out onboard also. Add WinTV Go card and stir...

The question is, if I have MythTV running and (eventually) integrated with
an IR control of some kind, can I still use a keyboard / mouse / monitor and
do work on that display while my wife is watching Live TV or prerecorded
shows via the TV?

I am confused as to how the keyboard and mouse will/won't react with the
virtual keypresses registered by the IR controller...

Any guidance gratefully received!