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Sound Blaster Live 5.1 DE issues
Well. I have exhausted all my resources, and can't seem to find anything
that works in the archive so maybe one of you can point me in the right

Here's the situation:

When I run ALSA drivers I get no audio but video works. not smooth but
that will come next. If I use OSS drivers I get sound but no video (I
wonder is that blue screen on an error a tribute to Microsoft?). I have
reloaded the machine completely a couple of times, trying both Mandrake
and Redhat. I have used the default ALSA drivers, the latest stable
release, and even the latest CVS version.

When I have things running the closest to right that I have been (video
with no audio) every thing seems to work ok, except some excessive disk
access and choppy video that will probably be resolved with some
tweaking and a correctly compiled kernel.

I'm wondering if the ALSA driver's lack of an O-Gain slider is my
problem. this slider is in the OSS driver and always requires some
adjustment if I want to actually hear anything with OSS.

Well I guess that's all I have to offer, if anyone has had any success
with this card and can give me some guidance please let me know. I am
a bit of a newbie (I learn fast though) so please include the command
line to use if you need any diagnostic info!

If I don't solve this soon I'll just swap the damn card for the cheapest
PCI card I can find and see if I can have better luck. I just hoped to
connect this box to my receiver through the digital output.